Splash 08
Photos by David Caudle

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A new record All wet P1170173 Allison P1170205 Amy and Georgia P1170099 Amy tattoo P1170392
Bot and Dad P1170117 Boy and Dad P1170114 Close P1170383 Close again P1170387 Dad and Kid
David P1170109 David P1170274 David and Jason P1170106 David chillin' FEE P1170219
Fee Fee gliding P1170313 Fun P1170134 Georgia and Dad P1170254 Georgia and Dad P1170256
GeorgiaP1170091 Gliding in Ryan Gliding on Good ride P1170381 Grimace
Grotto pavilion Halfpipe climb P1170322 Halfpipe group P1170382 Halfpipe group crop P1170382 Hazard